Reading Plan 7

This week’s verses are expanded versions of the verses we looked at on Sunday.  We have included a key point or idea from the message to reflect on as you read the passage.  Consider how it can encourage/challenge you in that area of your life.

Mon Matthew 15:8-9 (Worship starts in the heart)

Tue Matthew 7:21-23  (We can do acts of worship that are not really worship at all)

Wed John 4:1-26  (Worship is done in Spirit and truth)

Thu Philippians 3:4-10  (We worship what we value most)

Fri Philippians 1:18–27 (When we value Jesus more than anything else, worship will become our lifestyle)

Sat  Romans 12:1-2 (Worship is a lifestyle)

Sun Please join us for our worship gathering!