The Greatest Show

Jesus captivated the people of his day. He was a master storyteller. He performed miracles that could not be explained. His teachings pierced the hearts and minds of all who heard him speak — even those who opposed him.  Jesus’ existence has shaped history throughout the centuries and continues to do so even to this day.   THE GREATEST SHOW series will look at a few of Jesus’ most spectacular moments on earth and consider what they mean for us today.  Each week’s theme corresponds to a title from The Greatest Showman soundtrack. (Click on the title to access the audio/notes.)

3.10  COME ALIVE   Jesus gives an invitation to all “outcasts” to come alive in Him. 

3.17  NEVER ENOUGH  Even if we have it all, nothing in this world will satisfy us like Jesus.

3.24  THE OTHER SIDE  Sometimes we’re resistant to the life He wants for us, but worth it.

3.31  THIS IS ME  In Jesus we can finally discover who we’re truly meant to be. 

4.07  FROM NOW ON We can always come back home, even when we’ve lost our way.

4.14  TIGHTROPE   Following Jesus takes trust.  We have to hold on tight and keep our eyes fixed on Him.

4.21  THE GREATEST SHOW  Jesus’ resurrection was the greatest show of mercy we have ever seen. (EASTER SUNDAY)

4.28  A MILLION DREAMS  We dream of a great life with a great future.  Jesus’ dreams for us are greater.