Summer Series 2022

The majority of the summer will be focused on ways we can make a difference in our world by sharing the light of Jesus. It’s how we can all be making Dents in the Darkness. There will be a few weeks that have a different focus. Here’s what you can expect this summer at Portico Church:

Dents in the Darkness series:

05.29 There is a Darkness. But There is a Light. (video link) (audio link)

06.05 Use Your Life/Remedy Drive Impact Events (video link)

06.12 Use Your Time (video link) (audio link)

06.19 Use Your Resources/Exodus Road (video link)

06.26 Use Your Hands/Damascus Road (video link) (audio link)

Stand Alone Message:

07.03 Worship and Communion (video link) partial broadcast only

Jonah Mini-Series:

07.10 Jonah part 1 w/ guest James Lima (video link) (audio link)

07/17 Jonah part 2 w/guest James Lima (no video link available) (audio link)

Dents in the Darkness Series:

07/24 Dents in the Darkness: Use Your Home/Foster Care w/Bob and Rachael Whitton (video link) (audio link)

07/31 Dents in the Darkness: Use Your Home/Adoption w/Ed and Sandy Brunk (video link) (audio link)

08/07 TBD

08/14 TBD

08/21 TBD

08/28 TBD