As a church, we want to be more than a group of people who gather occasionally in a hit-and-miss way on Sundays, then go our separate ways until we decide to come back again. Instead, we want to be a community of faith that is moving in the same direction. One where people are truly focused on knowing and following Christ together and living out His purposes as a community. We are called to be hope carriers… people worth mentioning by those who see us following Jesus. And hopefully, Lord willing, we will have a strong impact on the world around us.  

To see any of these things become reality, we need to keep our lives centered on Jesus. 

Bottom line: We want to make a community-wide effort to get re-focused and re-centered on Him.

Whether you are someone who has been closely connected with Jesus and our community of faith at Portico, or if you have been a bit distant or inconsistent for a while, we would love for you to join us.  Maybe it’s time for you to get re-connected with us…and with Him! 

Cafe Connection Time @ 9:00am

Sunday Worship Gathering @ 9:30am

As part of this series, we plan to provide questions for further reflection. They are available in the audio/video feeds. Keep checking back here for updated materials that you can use for this journey. The “extra” materials will be added to the links below. EDGE youth group will be working through similar materials alongside us, so we encourage our students to join in worship on Sundays as well as Wednesdays.

9.17 Week 1: I AM GOD‘S PLAN (Message focused on the existence of God.) AUDIO I VIDEO

9.24 Week 2: I AM GOD’S PLAN (Message focused on the nature/character of God.) AUDIO I VIDEO

10.1 Week 3: I AM GOD’S PLAN (Message focused on the God’s plan for salvation) AUDIO I VIDEO

10.8 Week 4: I AM GOD‘S PLAN (Message focused on the sinful selfishness we all struggle with.)


10.15 Week 5: I AM GOD’S PLAN 1 (Message focused on belonging to God.) AUDIO I VIDEO

10.22 Week 6: I AM GOD’S PLAN 2 (Message focused on identity from God.) AUDIO I VIDEO

10.29 Week 7: I AM GOD’S PLAN: Sharing the Gospel AUDIO I VIDEO

11.05 Week 8: I AM GOD’S PLAN: Using my Resources AUDIO I VIDEO