Paul’s letter to Rome is a theological masterpiece. It is a deep, complex, detailed and powerful letter that shapes every aspect of the Christian faith. Some have said there is perhaps no better document in all history explaining what God’s gift – the sacrifice of Jesus on a cross – means for humanity. So not only is it important for those who call themselves followers of Jesus, but it is helpful for anyone who wants to understand the spiritual reality of what it means to live by faith in Jesus.

01.08 Romans 1:1-15 Building Bridges with Rome (Audio) (Video)

01.15 Romans 1:16-17 The Key (part 1): Righteousness through Faith (Audio) (Video)

01.22 Romans 1:18-32 The Problem with Pagan Thinking (Audio) (Video)

01.29 Romans 2:1-11 The Problem with Moralism (Audio) (Video)

02.05 Romans 2:12-19 The Problem with Self-Effort (Audio) (Video)

02.12 Romans 3:1-21 The Problem with Religious Identity (Audio) (Video)

02.19 Romans 3:21-26 The Just and The Justifier (Audio) (Video)

02.26 Romans 4:27-4:25 Righteous by Faith: Abraham (Audio) (Video)

03.05 Romans 5:1-5 Peace, Grace and Hope (Audio) (Video)

03.12 Romans 5:1-11 Is My Faith Really Enough? (Audio) (Video)

03.19 Romans 5:12-21 How Can One Man’s Death Save Everyone? (Audio) (Video)

We’ll be taking a break from Romans as we prepare for Easter. We will Resume on April 16th!

04.16 Romans 6:1-14 Taking Grace for Granted (pt 1) (Audio) (Video)

04.23 Romans 6:15-23 Taking Grace for Granted (pt 2) (Audio) (Video)

04.31 Romans 7:1-25 Taking Grace for Granted (pt 3) (Audio) (Video)

05.07 Romans 8:1-28 Set Your Mind on the Spirit… (Audio) (Video)

05.14 Romans 8:28-30 Everything Works together for Good (Audio) (Video)

05.21 Romans 8:31-38 No One. Nothing. None of the Above. (Audio) (Video)

05.28 Guest Speaker – This message will not be aired or recorded for privacy purposes.

06.4 Romans 9:1-10:4 Questioning God’s Sovereignty/Wisdom (Audio) (Video)

06.11 Romans 10:5-17 The Word is Near Us (no recording available)

06.18 Romans 10:18-11:24 God Hasn’t Given Up (Audio) (Video)

06.25 Romans 11:25-36 The Depth of God and His Wisdom (Audio) (Video)

07.02 Romans 12:1-2 Resist the World. Renew Your Mind. (Audio) (Video)

07.09 Romans 12:3-8 Spiritual Gifts (Audio) (Video)

07.16 Romans 12:9-121 Marks of A Christian part 1 (Audio) (Video)

07.23 Romans 12:9-21 Marks of A Christian part 2 (Audio) (Video)

07.30 Romans 13:1-7 Dealing with Authorities (Audio) (Video)

08.06 Romans 13:8-14 Love and Urgency (Audio) (Video)

08.13 Romans 14:1-22 For the Sake of Others (Audio) (Video)

08.20 Romans 15:1-13 Hope Carriers (Audio) (Video)

08.27 Romans 15:14-32 Longing to See Them (Audio) (Video)

09.03 Romans 16:1, 16, 21-23 People Worth Mentioning (Audio) (Video)

09.10 Romans 16:17-20, 25-27 One More (Amazing) Statement (Audio) (Video)