Current Series: 1 & 2 Samuel

The books of first and second Samuel were originally written as one complete work. Taking place about 1,000 years before the time of Jesus, these  books cover the birth of Samuel the prophet, the reign of Saul as Israel’s first king, and the legacy of King David who succeeded him. There are many aspects of the character and nature of God that we discover in this work, and numerous lessons to be learned from the lives of each of these three main characters. We’ll spend a few weeks on each one of them as we work our way through 1 & 2 Samuel from now until Easter Sunday.

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12.31 1 Samuel 1:1-16 Praying for the Impossible AUDIO I VIDEO

1.07 1 Samuel 1:17-2:11 When God Answers Prayers (the way we want) AUDIO I VIDEO

1.14 1 Samuel 2:11-36 The Importance or Correction & Discipline AUDIO I VIDEO

1.21. 1 Samuel 3:1-21 Getting to Know God in a Personal Way AUDIO I VIDEO UNAVAILABLE