Reading Plan 1

In Mark chapter 8, Peter and the other disciples see Jesus feed 4,000 people and heal a man who was blind. They finally put the pieces together and realize that Jesus is the Christ (the anointed one and the savior God had promised to come). However, in the first seven chapters of Mark’s gospel, he presents many other miracles that Jesus performed as evidence that he really was who he claimed to be: the Son of God.

This week’s scripture reading plan simply takes us through those first 7 chapters. Pay special attention to the miracles of Jesus, and how they prove to the people of his day – and to us – that He is truly God!

Mon Mark 1, 2

Tues Mark 3,4

Thurs Mark 5

Friday Mark 6

Saturday Mark 7:1-8:30

Sunday – Join us for our worship gathering as we take the next step in our This Is Us series!