Jesus on Trial

Before Jesus was sent to his death on the cross He was put on trial. There were several key issues that were in question: His identity, teachings, character, miracles and authority. Unfortunately the trial itself was a farce, and it failed to legitimately examine those issues to see if they were valid in any way. But what if we could do it over? If we were to consider those same key issues based on the evidence available to us, what conclusions would we come to? This is where we’ll be headed over the next five weeks at Portico Church. If you have ever been curious about any of these things, please join us at Portico Church beginning this Sunday, February 25th for our new series called JESUS ON TRIAL.

02.25  Jesus’ IDENTITY on trial

03.04  Jesus’ TEACHINGS on trial

03.11  Jesus’ MIRACLES on trial

03.18  Jesus’ CHARACTER on trial

03.25  Jesus’ AUTHORITY on trial

04.01  Easter Sunday