Series Prayer Guide

Series Prayer Guide

What should I be praying for? Well here are some things we covered in the prayer series that may guide you as you draw near to God in prayer.

Worship – adore, praise, exalt, bless, extol and thank God for what we learn of him in scripture, and how we see him at work in our life.
Acknowledge God’s greatness and reflect it back to him in worship.

Confess – as we see God’s greatness, we see our inadequacy and sin more clearly. Ask God to reveal any sin in you that you don’t see.
Confess areas of sin or specific actions, attitudes, thoughts, etc. that have not been in line with God’s heart.

Inquire – listen for the still, small voice of God as we live our lives within the framwork of scripture and in step with the Holy Spirit.  Ask God for clarity about decisions we must make or direction we must take in life. Listen for the still, small voice of the Spirit to speak. Pray for the ability to trust God and honor him when there is no clear cut decision.

Ask – our requests should flow out of abiding in and drawing near to the Lord. God could answer yes, no or not yet. Remember to trust Him. His answer is best even when He seems silent.

Pray for the practical needs of yourself and others. Pray for…
…the daily struggles and challenges of your friends, spouse, children, etc.
…God’s provision of food, clothing, shelter, work, financial needs.
…emotional or relational healing from conflicts.
Pray for the spiritual needs of yourself and others. Pray for…
…Godly widom, boldness in sharing the gospel, spiritul maturity, etc.
…those that don’t know Jesus.
…those who have wandered away from Him.
…those who are following him but need strength/courage.
Pray for the increase of the kindom of God. Pray for…
…the gospel to take root in your family, community, nation and world.
…those serving pastors, missionaries, sunday school workers, etc.
…those being persecuted for their faith.
…God to rule in the hearts of people everywhere.
…God’s name to be made known far and wide.

Persist – there are some things that are so important that you should never stop praying for. Always pray, never give up!