Connection Questions Wk 1

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Prayer Reflection:

If you have put your faith in Jesus, then you are adopted into the family of God, and you are His child. Pray with thanks for what it means to you to be adopted by your Heavenly Father and loved as His very own.

Pray for help to get past those things that make if difficult to approach Him as your loving Father in Heaven.

Connection Group Material:

Note: As the series moves forward there will be less discussion and more of an emphasis on praying together.

Discussion (30 min):

Take a few minutes to brainstorm: Create a list of reasons why people struggle with prayer?

What are your personal struggles; what makes it hard for you?

Read Matthew 6:5-9

Get honest. How often do you find yourself guilty of these: Phantom prayer? Fake prayer? Thoughtless prayer?

Even as Christians we often approach God in the Pagan way instead of the Christian way. Is this ever true for you? Explain.

Talk about what it means to you to be adopted by the Father.

Prayer Time (10 min): pray about the things you’ve shared. Focus on the Prayer Reflection questions.

Discussion (10 min):

What are your hopes for your prayer life in the coming weeks?

Prayer Time (10 min): pray for the hopes that you’ve shared for your prayer life.