Connection Questions Wk 3

Prayer Reflection:

The 20-14 Prayer Challenge:  will you commit to spending 20 minutes a day for the next 14 days abiding with Christ in prayer?

What specific things will you need to adjust in your life to make this possible? What sacrifices will you have to make?

Are there specific times of the day or specific places that enable you to better connect with the Lord in prayer

Some of us need encouragement to keep going with our commitments. Others of us need a ‘kick in the pants.’ What will help you in your effort to complete the 20-14 challenge successfully?

Note: consider asking someone you know/trust to help keep you accountable to this.

Connection Group Discussion:

Do you see a correlation between your ‘nearness to Christ’ and your likeness to Him? Explain.

Do you see a correlation between your ‘nearness to Christ’ and the fruitfulness of your life? Explain.

Take some time to discuss your answers from the Prayer Reflection questions.

Save at least 20 minutes to pray together.  Refrain from sharing ‘prayer requests’ before hand. Just pray together for whatever is on your heart.