In July 2017 we are working through a series called EMBRACE which is based on the writings in a book of the Bible called Habakkuk.  Not much is known about the prophet who recorded his conversation with God, but this short book has great relevance to issues we that many people struggle with these days. Habakkuk brings up questions like: Why does injustice go unpunished?  How could God allow the wicked people to prosper?  How should we respond when God doesn’t do what we think he should do?

July 2  Embrace God’s Sovereignty  (Hab. 1:1-5)

July 9 Embrace Confusion (Hab. 1:5-2:1)

July 16  Embrace Finality  (Hab. 2:1-20)

July 23  Embrace a spirit of Worship (Hab. 3)