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Family life can be summed up in one word: messy. But the more attention we give it, the better it can be. That’s why Portico Church is starting an important series called FAMILY MATTERS. We want to make an investment into families of all shapes and sizes. Whether you are single, dating, married or divorced…whether you have young children, adult children or no children…these concepts can make your family life better. Here’s what we’ll be talking about during our series:

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05.08.16  Family Matters              Living with the real while striving for ideal.  (Mother’s Day)

05.15.16   Family Picture               Many different personalities; one big challenge.

05.22.16  Family Feud                    Dealing with conflict and seeking forgiveness.

05.29.16  Family Battles                Fighting for each other instead of against.  (Memorial Day)

05.5.16    Family Unplugged         Taking a break from the chaos of life.

05.12.16  Family Values                 Putting first things first in family life.

05.19.16  Family Man/Woman    Being the parent God wants you to be.  (Father’s Day)

(For this topic week we presented video material from Andy Sandra Stanley.  To watch/listen to their video, please CLICK HERE to go to that website.)

05.26.16  Family of God                  Life in the Family of God (final message)