A portico is a Greek and Roman architectural structure.  It’s a porch or entryway with no walls, but it has a covering that is supported by columns.  Porticoes often became places where people gathered to discuss and debate important topics, spiritual things and the meaning of life.  We want our church to be a place where those kinds of discussions take place.

We chose the name Portico for a few reasons.  First, in Acts 5:12 we learn that the believers of the early church met in a part of the temple area known as Solomon’s Portico.  The very first followers of Jesus would gather to worship God and share the hope of Jesus with those around them.  Second, there are some historical ties for the name Portico. At one time the area of Oshkosh where our church meets was called Athens before merging to form Oshkosh in the 1830’s.  Athens, Greece?  Portico?  It just seemed to make sense.

And in case people didn’t really care about the biblical or historical reasons, we thought it just sounded cool!  It was different, and we wanted to be a bit different than the churches around us.