Summer 2019

Throughout the summer we’ll be covering lot of ground. First we’ll work through a series on Colossians. Then we’ll hear from a number of individuals throughout July and August. (Click on the links below to access the message and notes as they become available.)

Colossians Series

6.9 THIS is Where Hope Begins

6.16 Hold On To Your Hope (Suffering)

6.23 Hold On To The Truth (Opposition)

6.30 Hold On To Heaven (Temptation)

7.7 You Are Not Alone

Stand Alone messages:

7.14 Making Jesus the Main Event in Life

7.21 Psalm 51 (James Lima)

7.28 2 Chronicles 20 – Worship (Bob Whitton)

8.04 TBD

8.11 Communion and Prayer (Adam Neace)

8.18 TBD

8.25 TBD

9.1 TBD (Scott Westpfahl)

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